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Netherlands Radioatelier radio documentary by journalist Ruth Hopkins

Transcript of Radioatelier documentary

Ireland's Magdalen Laundries and the Nation's Architecture of Containment by James Smith

Before Roe v. Wade Ruling, Tragedy Wasn't Only for Those Who Died

Paddy's God Squad—States of Fear and Other Collected Articles / Links

Last Days of a Laundry
by Gary Culliton

The Magdalene Laundry Prisons of Ireland (Requires Real Player)

ABC tackles the subject
A March 2002 piece by ABC News

Peter Mullan's Award-winning Film: 'The Magdalene Sisters'

Glasgow, Scotland Library Acquisition
Glasgow Magdalene Institution 5th Annual Report, 1865 article, November 2003, by Michael S. Rose, author of several books including the New York Times bestseller Goodbye, Good Men and Executive Editor of

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Apology issued in August 2003 following the US release of 'The Magdalene Sisters'.

Wikipedia online encyclopedia entry on the Magdalene asylums and laundries.

Bastard Nation letter to Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in support of the Magdalene women/cause