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Passport Info

Most of us were issued an Irish passport at the time of our exportation to the U.S. If you possess such a document, you'll note a number on the upper right of the first page-this number can be used to help INS trace your alien number and immigration records.

Original Irish Birth Certificate
The original birth certificate-this document should be part of your US INS package, which can be obtained through an FOIA request.
US Amended Birth Certificate
The amended birth certificate-issued by the state your adoption was finalized in. In most cases, this is the only "birth" certificate you will be issued by the state, as all but four US states have sealed original birth certificates.
US Adoption Decree
The adoption decree-issued by the state your adoption was finalized in, this document is legal representation of your adoption.
US Certificate of Naturalisation
Certificate of Naturalization-this document is issued at the time you formally become a US citizen, usually several years after the adoption is finalized. There have been several cases where Irish-born US-adoptd children were never naturalized.
Short-form Irish Baptismal Certificate
The short-form baptismal certificate-when writing to Ireland to request your or a birthfamily member's baptismal certificate, this is the document you will typically receive. It may or may not list sponsors (godparents), depending on the case.
Pre-Adoption Photos
A pre-adoption photo was often sent to prospective US adoptive parents.  Some adoptees may even have old photos taken with their birthmothers.  Often, adoptive parents would send back photos to the home of the child's first Christmas in the States or other important events.

Photos from Mother-Baby Homes
Sets of photos have been uploaded to Flickr to give you a sense of the mother-baby homes. Many of these photos and more are also on the Facebook groups Adoption Rights Alliance, Banished Babies, Sean Ross Abbey, Bessboro Mother & Baby Home and others.